Mashuuru Secondary School


Academic: This is the institution’s core services by providing education and training services. The institution prepares the students for examination and certification. Thus ensuring effective curriculum delivery to the learner.

The Curriculum offered at the institution consists of 11 subjects in the following category.

Group  1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5
Mathematics Chemistry Geography Agriculture Business Studies
English Biology History    
Kiswahili Physics C.R.E    




At the end of the four years the learners are examined on 8 subjects through the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education by the Kenya National Examination Council.









Though the Institution has not been ranked top in the national examination, its stakeholders boast of the production of quality grades and qualified university materials amidst the hardship experienced.

The School performance has been greatly affected by the student’s absenteeism due to financial strain. The institution is a home of extreme poor cases of learners who are also their families’ breadwinners. This not only strains the learners but also administrators. However, the Mashuuru school community has trampled against the odd to reach this far.


We expose and engage the learners to co- curricular activities to identify and develop their talents, to build them physically, socially and foster leadership skills.

An ingredient of this includes:

 Drama and Music:

The Drama and music clubs wish is to turn theatre from a hobby to a career. For a decade the school is popularly known in Rift – valley province with its captivating presentations.

On three occasions, they have met their matches at the National Level and scooped awards and certificates. This year, the club will be performing at the National Music Festival in Kisumu.

The club boasts of its former students who are known thespians and philanthapologist based at Bomas at of Kenya, Kenya National Theatre and community based travelling Theatre.

This is another vital area that provides balance to the school intense academic life. As the sports machine rolls on it develops the student mentally physically and psychologically. The volleyball team has consistently retained its District champion’s trophy and making attempts at the province. This year we hope to triumph to the national

Other under this is athletics, soccer and handball. The school timetable provides an hour after 4.p.m for student’s fitness three days per week.

However, the school sports facilities have a limiting factors compared to other institutions.


Religious Movement: Christian Union and Y.C.S.

 The institutions inter – religious group are the majority protestant, Catholics, and a few Muslims. The three groups experience an inter- denominational co- existence under their patrons. The movements provide spiritual nourishment for the learners and peaceful relations. Apart from Sunday, a day (Thursday) is set for the movement meeting.



Journalism and Debating club: This foster students creativity and interest in media and journalist. It is also the brain child of the School magazine “The Spring “publication and the school service charter.

Science club:

Through it the learners have been exposed to the scientific world and participated in science congress. This has demystified the fear of science in the institution. Anyway, the fact that there is only one  laboratory for all needythe students and the science subjects.


Others include

-          Wildlife  club

-          Business club

-          Scouts

-          Guidance and Counseling.

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