Mashuuru Secondary School


The Principal and the Deputy occupy their offices respectively.

 Other offices are: The director of studies which is shared by three teachers, the Clerk office is partitioned to serve as a books- store and Bursars office. The secretary’s office is also multipurpose.

The staffroom is so congested due to the increase number in teaching staff. Part of this block is used as a staff – room kitchen and games stores.


The teacher’s housing project has slept for many years. It has been a white elephant earmarked for completion with the assistance of well – wishers. For 20 years since the beginning of the school, learners might enjoy a better teacher – student interaction with the completion of the first 5 units of the projects later this year.

The tuition block 2 wings have 4 blocks of classrooms every side the total eight classrooms may need to be added following the high enrolment.

The institution has only one laboratory which doesn’t fully cater for the science experiments needs. In addition, it also needs to be equipped with the conventional apparatus to meet the challenges.

Its playfield and sporting facilities are dilapidated. The field needs grading and leveling. The pitches require better constructions.

The school is constructed on 28 acre piece of land. Its compound is not fenced. It is one of the schools B.O.G priorities.


The institution is also malnourished off a library. The small room that once served as a library is now the computer room .However, it is no longer a computer lab following the robbery of the of the computers that had been donated to the school by C.C.K. and Methodist Church of Kenya.

This crippled the school computer project that had picked so well. We are still optimistic that the project will resurface again. Thanks to our donors as they have enable the institution to reach where it is through internet – connections


The Dining Hall’s Kitchen is well equipped with modern cookers but the students eating place is too small. The students are served from the D.H. window and sit under the shades to eat. Future plans are underway for its expansion.


The 340 students are housed in 4 dormitories .There is a feeling that an extra dorm will be of help in a near future with the escalating number of enrolment. Girls are hosted at Eselenkei Supat Girls Hostel run by the Catholic Church

The school has one bus that accommodates 40 students. When more students need to go out the school is forced to hire other means to meet the demand. A school van would also be of help in case of emergencies.

Mashuuru is located and ranked under ASAL (Arid and Semi – Arid Land).Water shortage has been persistent for a long period. Its storage tank holds about 10,000 litres of fresh water. This is not adequate for the population. The school community borrows / buys water from its neighbours who have drilled boreholes. Also the neighbours supply the water for Agriculture project.


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